Castro’s Role in Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 Essay Dissertation Help

A) MAKE SURE THAT THE PAPER INCLUDES: 1. Clear and organized presentation 2. critical analysis, specifically referenced to the research question 3. Evidence from a range of sources 4. different perspectives 5. a reasoned answer to your research question, supported by the evidence provided 2) REWRITE THE ENTIRE PAPER SO THERE WILL BE NO PLAGIARISM (BUT KEEP THE CITATIONS)3) CONDENSE THIS SECTION TO 1300 Words4) HERE IS THE LINK TO MY THE PAPER:

1) What is the methodology historians use?
2) What are the challenges/limitations did you/historians face during the research process?
3) The reflection must be connected to the research

This section of the internal assessment task requires students to reflect on what undertaking their investigation highlighted to them about the methods used by, and the challenges facing, the historian.
Examples of discussion questions that may help to encourage reflection include the following:
– What methods used by historians did you use in your investigation?
– what did your investigation highlight to you about the limitations of those methods?
– What are the challenges facing the historian? How do they differ from the challenges facing a scientist or a mathematician?
– How can the reliability of sources be evaluated?
– What constitutes a historical event?
– who decides which events are historically significant?
– is it possible to describe historical events in an unbiased way?
– what is the role of the historian?

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