Cases in Intelligence Analysis(2012) by Sara Miller Beebe and Randolph Pherson.

a.) Analyze the main argument or themes and assess the strenghts and weaknesses of these work: Book title: ” Cases in Intelligence Analysis (2012) by Sara Miller Beebe and Randolph Pherson.
b.)What is the author’s purpose?Is there more than one main point, what is the overaching purpose?
c.)What are the key questios the author raises/addresses?
d.)What evidence does the authro provide to support his argument?
e.)What inferences does the author make from the evidence?
f.)What does the author take for granted? What assumpotions does the author make?
g.)What are the implications of the author’s point of view? What are the implications if we adopt/do not adopt what the authro recommends?
h.)What is the author’s point of view? What other points of view are there?

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