Casemix and Coding

Casemix and Coding

–    2000 words
–    UK style
–    13 references
Auditing Report : : Assessment Information
Assessment 1: Auditing Report
Worth: 30%
This assessment involves preparing a formal proposal for your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) outlining how you, as Manager for Clinical Coding and Casemix, plan to undertake a formal internal coding / casemix audit. The audit may address any particular aspect of clinical coding, casemix and data quality but your report must include the following elements:
o    Introduction
o    Rationale
o    Methodology
o    A literature review outlining the function and value of a clinical coding / casemix audit
o    Description of Audit elements including:
?    Timeframe
?    Purpose and scope of the audit
?    Audit team
?    Audit tools to be used
o    How audit findings will be summarised, interpreted and reported to the CEO.
o    Conclusion and recommendations
o    References

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