Case Study – Toyota Motor Manufacturing

Case Study – Toyota Motor Manufacturing

1. The case study will include three sections, as a MINIMUM:

A. Section 1 – Summarize the Case Study so the Reader knows the basis of your analysis (without having to read the case study themselves).

B. Section 2 – Analyze the Key Elements of the Case Study.

C. Section 3 – If you were placed in the shoes of the decision maker(s) in the selected Case Study, Describe and Define the actions YOU would have taken to improve the outcome(s) of the case.

D. Reference(s) – Use Proper APA Format (6th Edition – Second Printing – October 2009 or later)

E. Attachments & Appendices (as needed)

2. The Case Study report will be a high quality, professionally prepared document of sufficient length (approximately 8 to 12 pages) to allow you to present your analysis to upper management so the report can serve as a decision paper to incorporate a similar process within your own organization. Graduate-level quality and performance are expected.

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