Analysis for “Wrigley’s Eclipse Gum Custom essay

Analysis for “Wrigley’s Eclipse Gum Custom essay

 Managing Brand Adolescence”

This is an outline you should use for your case study analysis. 

 Overview (your case study analysis will consist of 4 parts):

1. Situation analysis

2. Statement of the problem(s)

3. Development of alternatives

4. Evaluation and recommendation

Be sure to label each section as you answer it in your paper. Below is an explanation of each section. Pay attention to the areas in bolded type.



This is a “state of current affairs” section. It sets up how the company has been doing. This includes a brief history of the company and an analysis of current situation (SWOT, etc.).

This section should highlight key points about the company that are relevant to the business challenge at hand.



Explain the main problem(s) as best you can.



Explain the main decision criteria that you will be using. Provide as many possible alternatives that would (in your opinion) solve the problems you mention above, noting the pros and cons of each one.

Remember, one alternative is always the status quo (conscious decision that the current strategy in use (with some modifications) is the best course of action in the current situation).



Once you have developed a set of alternatives, it is time to do a thorough evaluation of each of the options. Assess how well the alternative addresses the problem(s). How consistent is the alternative with the company’s mission, goals, and strategic objectives (as you read about in the case)?

Select the option that addressed most of the key problem and provides for the best solution.

The alternative(s) chosen should be:

Consistent with mission, goals, and objectives as stated

Strongest probable financial performance

Fit with the internal and external environments of the company

Case study analysis for “Wrigley’s Eclipse Gum Custom essay


Analysis for “Wrigley’s Eclipse Gum Custom essay

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