Case Study

Case Study
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Disparate accounting systems, isolated property management systems, and manual procedures made KW Hotel Corporation ripe for a system technology makeover. Thanks to the Scala Hospitality solution and a new Microsoft-based infrastructure, KW Hotel Corporation is poised for increased profitability, improved efficiency, and future growth.
The folks at KW Hotel Corporation had their hands full, and their existing technology systems were not pulling their weight. With five hotel properties to manage, two offices to run, and ambitious expansion plans, KW Hotel Corporation needed a better way to handle information flow and analyze each property’s performance. Manually consolidating information from each KW property’s accounting system was inefficient and headache-inducing. And with each site’s property management system (PMS) isolated from the others, KW’s management team was unable to view the individual and collective performance of their hotels in real time.
“We didn’t have the ability to turn a statement around to see things live. Everything was coming down to the home office by floppies sent in overnight mail,” says Dan Wolf, CFO of KW Hotel Corporation.
Even after the disks arrived at the home office in Wayland, Massachusetts, KW staff members had to manually consolidate the data before management could conduct a meaningful assessment. Often, by the time the month’s information was ready for analysis, three to four weeks had passed since the close of the reported month. Since timely, customized information is critical in a competitive, changing marketplace, KW’s management knew they had to find a better way.
The Deciding Factors
Enter Scala Hospitality, a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider: Solidly built on the Microsoft Windows NT® operating system and Microsoft SQL Server™ relational database, the solution allowed KW Hotel Corporation to unify and better manage its financial data.
The Scala Hospitality solution improves hotel resource allocation, management efficiency, and overall bottom line performance. Through a combination of centralized accounting system installation, Scala’s Raptor business intelligence tool, and comprehensive expert consultation, the solution consolidates financial data processes and, in turn, provides turnkey data analysis systems for hotel management.
“We compiled a list of vendors after attending various industry shows and reading various magazines,” says Wolf. “Once we had the list and the vendors specs, we narrowed it down to four possible solution providers. Each of the four had an interview including a demonstration, after which we chose Scala Hospitality.”
Wolf notes that Scala’s business intelligence application, excellent references, and competitive pricing were key factors in their decision.
According to Robert Karol, KW Hotel Corporation president and CEO, “We looked at several different products and felt Scala Hospitality was the best product for our needs. We were especially interested in the solution’s reporting tools, flexibility, ease of use, and customer support.”
Karol continues, “With Scala Hospitality, we were looking to standardize and streamline the financial reporting systems and ultimately increase the efficiency of the transmission of information to our corporate headquarters from our various locations.”
Given the green light, Scala Hospitality promptly sent out a team of experts to analyze KW’s computing and corporate environment. After thorough planning, design, and testing phases, the solution went live.
Linking Sites and Systems
The previously isolated network at the corporate office grew into a wide area network (WAN) to which all sites belong. Macintosh hardware was replaced with PCs and Internet connections. One server, located at the corporate office, centralizes the entire accounting process for all KW properties. All sites have access to the system and are able to share data.
This means that all transactions posted to the Scala general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable applications are consolidated and calculated online. KW management can analyze the most current data by using the Web-enabled Raptor application to create custom, real-time reports. By creating custom reports, management can decide exactly how to analyze property performance, generate forecasts, create multiple budgets, or perform other analytical tasks—and always with real-time data.
Integration with Other Systems
The Scala Hospitality back office accounting system (consisting of general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable applications) can be integrated with virtually any PMS and point-of-sale (POS) system.
In the KW installation, the Scala solution links to Profit Manager and MSI property management systems with an XML integration forthcoming.
Ongoing Support
As a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, Scala Hospitality recognizes the importance of service and support.
A big part of the success of the Scala Hospitality solution is the fact that its expert consultants are involved throughout the entire process—from analysis to training to maintaining support. All Scala Hospitality consultants are veterans in the hospitality industry, with direct experience in the financial side of hotel management.
KW discovered that having a vendor with a dedicated staff installing the solution was critical to the success of the project. “Scala Hospitality and the staff they sent have been excellent to work with and have gone above and beyond the call of duty during the entire process,” says Wolf.
In addition, the solution also includes unlimited access to the Scala Hospitality support desk and support through PC Anywhere.
Looking Forward
Now that KW’s systems can keep pace with their needs, the future looks brighter. With greater accessibility to critical financial data, KW now has the capabilities to be even more responsive to the needs of their properties, guests, and staff.
“We’re looking forward to Scala Hospitality helping us grow,” says Wolf.
With plans to add two new hotels within the year, and one new property per year after that, KW Hotel Corporation will still have their hands full. But with the comprehensive Scala Hospitality solution in place, they will not have to worry about outdated, error-prone systems slowing them down. In fact, even as KW expands, they anticipate needing only slight modifications of the scalable Scala Hospitality solution.
Case Study Questions

Please provide (short, sharp but Satisfactory) explanation

Please write the answers for the following here then submit it to me in the same file not in new file

1) What was the main consideration of the KW Hotel Corporation regarding their existing information technology?

2) What was the current way of obtaining and assessing the data from each KW property’s accounting system?

3) What was the critical point for the KW’s management team regarding information technology solution?

4) What were the three main features of the Scala Hospitality solution?

5) What were the key factors when KW’s management team decided to buy the Scala’s Business Intelligent application?

6) What were the main interests of KW’s management team about the Scala Hospitality’s features?

7) What were the results of implementing a new system in KW Hotel Corporation?
8) What is the operation system and software application of the Scala Hospitality?

Please explain the terms below within the context mentioned in the case study
TERMS should be explained only with O N E sentence

!!!!Please do not use definitions from Google!!!

1) Customized information
2) Real-time data
3) Property Management System (PMS)
4) Wide Area Network (WAN)
5) Web-enabled application
6) XML integration
7) Centralized Accounting System
8) Operating system
9) Isolated network
10) Server

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