case study

The aim of this assignment is to examine the role of the Registered Nurse (RN) role in the case study that has been provided in the assessment folder located on Moodle (the same case study used for assessment 1). Particular emphasis in your report is to be placed on the legal, ethical and professional nursing practice roles and responsibilities.

Your interpretation and examination of the key issues (as identified in assessment
1) That occurred for the patient throughout his admission are to form part of your argument. Reference is to be given to the NMBA Codes, Guidelines and Statements.

The report is to include an introduction and conclusion. Headings are to be used to highlight and break-up your main points of discussion. An idea for the headings is for you to use the issues in the case study that you identified in assessment 1 (i.e. each issue will be a separate heading).

Your argument is to be supported by references to contemporary, scholarly research, as well as to NSW Ministry of Health documents and policies. You should review the marking criteria so that you are clear on how marks are allocated to this assignment.


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