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case study

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Vignette Six

Lorena is a 35 year old Salvadoran female who came to the United States 15 years ago. Lorena comes for treatment to, “fix my relationship”. She tells you that her live-in boyfriend has threatened to leave her if, “I don’t grow up and get a job”. She says that she doesn’t feel that she should have to work, that, “If he truly loved me, he’d let me hang out all day while I figure out what I want to do. People should like what they do and not just work to collect a paycheck. As a kid in El Salvador, I watched my mom break her back while my dad sat home and drank all day. Mom would come home after working 12 hours and he’d push her around because dinner wasn’t on the table. I swore I’d never be like my mother!” Although Lorena denies suicidal ideation, you notice some superficial scarring on her wrist, which she insists was an “adolescent thing that helped me cope with life back then.” You also notice bruises on her upper arms. “Oh, that is from my old man. He got me so ticked off I swung at him and he had the nerve to grab me and toss me against the wall.” Lorena insists that it is never her fault when they fight and that he always starts it. She claims to love him no matter what he says or does and that she can’t stand the thought of being alone.

Considering both traditional and mindfulness perspectives of personality disorders, formulate an assessment and treatment plan for Lorena, using theoretical concepts from both of the course texts.

Your response must include the information covered in the text(s) reading assignments throughout the course, choosing CBT and Mindfulness concepts that you find pertinent to working with Lorena

(refer to chapters 11, 12 & 13 in Strategic Decision Making for case examples)

Assignment Outcomes
Identify the fundamental concepts of Cognitive/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Formulate individualized treatment plans based on evidence based practice

Compare and contrast issues of culture and human diversity

Integrate current research to the practice and application of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Distinguish legal/ethical issues and contraindications of theory and technique

Analyze and evaluate information critically and effectively

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