case study

case study

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You are required to choose one of the case studies li
sted on vUWS. You will analyse this case study from
two ethical frameworks studied this semester and disc
uss how each position offers a way of understanding
the issue and of responding to it. In your introducti
on briefly identify which
case study you are using.
Introduce the two frameworks you ar
e using to analyse the case study and briefly describe them. In the
body of your paper you will be required to apply th
em to the case study. This
means critically analysing
how aspects of the case study might be understood
from the two different theoretical frameworks you
have chosen. Your conclusion should
address the implications of these tw
o positions for the case study, the
people involved and the broader community. You must use at least 5 academic references, and may use
references other than those listed
in the learning guide. Wikipedia will not be considered a legitimate
reference. Please be advised that websites are of inco
nsistent value and you need to be vigilant in your us

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