case studies of construction projects in Australian industry.


The case studies you are required to involved and solve following areas:
 What is the project management methods of this project and how it be implemented
 Who is involved in using the project management methods with a project and how are they selected and trained
 What part is this method mostly concentrated on during the whole life cycle
 How project management implementation affect project success
 Have project management methods been changed over time? If so, why, how and to what result
 What important value and benefits project management implementation has created for these organizations
 Any innovation has been developed after the successful application of the method
 What challenges, if any, the projects are facing and how to improve

1. The minimum length of the report is 800 words (NOT including figures and references)
2. The text of the thesis shall be typed in a font size equivalent to Times New Roman 12 point. The linespacing shall be 1.5 lines.
3. You must reference the project and any materials you have refered. The References should be given in a standard form (The Harvard reference style is a preferred style)


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