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This will be an 8 page paper, double spaced with 6 peer reviewed sources. Your focus is on organizational change. You will direct your paper to the client. Take a look at the rubric which will help you to organize your paper. Be sure to follow the directions, use headings in your paper for better organization, and include the following in your paper:

Briefly explain the organization’s problems and how your company will help in the achievement of the organizations’ goals.

Identify a major organizational change that will have implications for the organization’s culture and leadership. What are the some of the forces that are driving this change in the organization (internal? or external? or both?)

Choose the best change theory, (only use the theories from the text), for the desired outcome, and apply the change theory to your organization.

Develop a Change Management Plan that covers the action steps, the individuals responsible, and the timeline with due dates. Focus your Plan to cover each of the following elements:
The reason for the recommended change [align with goal(s)];
The specific business needs driving the change (reason for);
The implementation steps necessary for the change (procedure/responsible party / timeline); and
A change theory that will help the organization reach the goals. Determine the intervention that supports the organizational strategy (align plan with organization’s vision).
Who makes the decision;
What is the strategy; and
Factors the team finds necessary and applicable

Explain the monitoring, controlling, and progress reporting procedures during implementation of this plan. Include the measure used to handle the most likely areas of resistance. Include and discuss your communication plan, (how will you break the news).
You will work as a team to review a minimum of 6 peer reviewed sources, as well as the course materials, to develop a detailed analysis of the event.
Provide a title page with your team name, and all team members who participated on this assignment.
Your content should include 8 pages, using double-spaced Times New Roman font. You should include headings, topic sentences, and the inclusion of the weekly learning.
You must cite to at a minimum 8 sources, using APA format.

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