In at least 200 words please describe “ethics and the social responsibility of business as it applies to health care” please give at least one example. Apply this to the course.
Review the case: Niles v. City of San Rafael.
Analyze the case by doing a case brief.
Be sure to cite your case.
In your brief, include the following information: the parties (Who are the plaintiff? The defendant? The appellant? The appellee?), the history of the case (Who won at trial court? Who won at the lower appellate level? Who won in this decision?), the facts (What happened that caused the plaintiff to sue?), the plaintiff’s theory (Why she thinks she is right), the defendant’s theory (Why she thinks she is right), the legal issue (a yes or no question), and the holding of the court (Yes or no–answers the legal issue).
Also a summary of the case should be included.
Expert testimony by two neurosurgeons during the trial indicated that the patient’s chances of recovery would have been very good if Niles had been admitted promptly. This testimony placed the proximate cause of the injury with the hospital.
Case Lessons
Niles v. City of San Rafael include
• Provision of quality health care requires collaboration across disciplines.
• A physician must conduct a thorough and responsible examination and order the appropriate tests for each patient, evaluating the results of those tests prior to discharging the patient.
• A patient’s vital signs must be monitored closely and documented in the medical record.
• Corrective measures must be taken when a patient’s medical condition signals a medical problem.
• A complete review of a patient’s medical record must be accomplished before discharging a patient.
• Review of the record must include review of test results, nurses’ notes, residents’ and interns’ notes, and the notes of any other physician or consultant who may have attended the patient.
• An erroneous diagnosis leading to the premature dismissal of a case can result in liability for both the organization and physician.
• The real lesson in Niles v. City of San Rafael – if the “ethical theories, principles and values” discussed in Chapter 1 had been adopted, in place, understood, and practiced, Kelly Niles would be leading a normal life today.

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