Career vision

What is your career vision and how do you plan on achieving your goal?
1. Write a 5 paragraph essay on the above topic.
2. Write the essay based on a Registered Nurse (RN) whose vision is to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.
3. Paragraphs must be introduction, body ( with 3 different ideas in 3 different paragraphs), and conclusion
4. All paragraphs must include an introductory sentence, details, facts, examples and concluding sentence.
5. Please consider the following when writing your essay: The degree desired, the skills, college requirement, cost, location, job outlook, estimated salary, 5 year outlook and current skills you can apply to your future.
6. Please use the inside text citation and
7. Don’t forget to separate works Cited with your essay.
8. Avoid plagiarism at all cost!!!


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