Career Self-­‐management


Critically review ten peer–‐reviewed journal articles about career self–‐management
• Identify issues and challenges associated with integrating human resource strategy and business strategy
• Develop Strategies to deal with particular human resource issues
• Propose And justify Reasoned arguments for adopting initiatives in strategic human resource management
• Evaluate and apply the conceptual framework of strategic Management
• Explain, critically Evaluate and propose potential solutions to current strategic human resource management problems/ issues
Select and critically review nine academic (peer- reviewed) articles about career self-management, which is also referred to as individual career management (ICM) in the literature, [as opposed to organizational career management (OCM)]. This involves identifying themes, linkages, similarities and differences, gaps, omissions and so on; not a summary of each article.

Articles published from 2004 onwards are preferred, though seminal articles on career self-management that were published earlier may be included. Also, wherever possible, please use empirical papers that present evidence on specific career self-management issues. Please refer to marking criteria as given below. Papers are expected to reflect a high level of critical analysis, written in a coherent and integrated manner.

Whilst career management articles are published in a wide variety of journals, those that are particularly relevant are Career Development International, Journal of Career Development, The
Career Development Quarterly, Journal of Vocational Behavior, International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance, Australian Journal of Career Development, Canadian Journal of Career
Development, and the Journal of Career Assessment.

Please refer only to articles from academic peer reviewed journals (and not from trade publications, magazines or other such non- academic periodicals or websites)
Originality and quality of analyses: Report is the result of in-depth investigation of a range of literature.
Highly developed critical analysis, and assessment of different findings
Structure: Structured emphasized argument. Clear intro and conclusion Logical and excellent progression of argument
Written expression: Well-constructed and crafted piece of work a pleasure to read


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