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  1. Why I am interested in this specific position and how it fits with my professional goals

My job of choice is specific to the sales and marketing profession whereby I am more than likely to spend a better part of my work practice. Having had a background that had an immense interest and liking for business, I grew up believing that marketing was the best thing any person could do. This is because the gist of the career relates to socializing, networking and making new friends. Given the advancement in modern technologies, I feel honored to engage in the internet revolution and the propagation of internet marketing, soft selling and more so relationship marketing, which is opposed to the ancient or classical marketing practices. My interest in this specific position is supported by my passion for sales and marketing and being a director makes it more satisfying as it will give me power to exercise my management skills as well as practice the theories that I have learned in class. For quite some time, I have done marketing at an individual level thus it resonates with my professional goals which are to make a reputation for my company while at the same time making my name a brand in the sales and marketing sector.

  1. a) What kind of work will you do each day?

As a Regional Director of Sales and Marketing at the Senior Lifestyle Organization based in Chicago, I believe I will do the following works on a daily basis. First is that I will evaluate the effectiveness of the sales directors and counselors and train them where necessary thus I will enhance the development of my sales and marketing team by facilitating training initiatives. Secondly, I will partner with the Marketing and Senior Vice president of sales and marketing as well as the director of sales so as to develop quarterly sales and marketing campaigns. Third, I will collaborate with Market Research Analysts in collecting and analyzing market data for the organization among other duties.


  1. b) How does it fit in your ideal career path?

I have interacted with professionals in the field of sales and marketing and from their talk, I have come to believe that career growth and opportunities are majorly dependent on a person’s efforts and passion for creating social networks. The position in question is promising with myriad opportunities. Furthermore, it prepares me for bigger opportunities including creating a job for myself and becoming an own boss. This is because by networking and maintaining a resourceful network of friends, I feel prepared to venture into business that specialize in sales and marketing. In spite of this, the job offers long term stability as well as a promise for long term financial rewards.

2 How does this job fit with your goal for your personal and outside of work life? Rewards? Work life balance?


Being a marketer is a fascinating feeling. First there is the feeling of adventure which opens up the mind and brain to a new world of opportunities and challenges alike, therefore, this job fits into my goal for personal growth as it nurtures my skills on team building and management. It has the long term reward of creating a good reputation for the company and branding my personality. More so the job also provides me with a work life balance because of the ample working hours, resting and spending with my family and friends.


3 What sort of (1) education, 2(experience), and (3) certification (if any) are required or preferred for the job you have chosen?

The job requires a degree in sales and marketing or procurement but a person majoring in any business related field would be considered for the job. It requires three years of experience and having worked with a recognized organization. Certificates are not a necessary requirement unless it is for professional courses.


  1. Is this position with a for-profit or not-for-profit/faith-based organization? Community level or corporate level? Why did you choose this?

Senior Lifestyle organization is a for-profit organization which operates in the United States at a corporate level. Essentially, I was attracted to the job because it suits my job description and my personal experiences. This makes me a suitable candidate for the job offer.

5 What are your geographic preferences and imitations? Will this job allow you to live where you want? Are you prepared to relocate in order to advance in your career?


The opportunity to be a Regional Director of Sales and Marketing presents a lucrative opportunity for self-growth and development. The jobs geographical location in Chicago is a limitation to my personal goal of wanting to spend more time with my family especially after work but the superseding urge for personal as well as professional growth overshadows any other limitation. This means that I can easily relocate in order to advance my career.

6 How will a hospitality background and orientation affect your marketability for this job?

A hospitality background will be an added advantage given the fact that I am already a marketer. In spite of this, orientation is highly welcome so as to familiarize with my job description, other employees and the hierarchy of authority to report to.

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