Career in Real Estate

Career in Real Estate

This needs to be a thorough research essay on the Real estate job market and field. Throughly researched. More info tomorrow

1.Introduction: Include information about yourself–your goals, interests, talents. Be sure to end the introduction with a thesis stating that with your skills, interests, and talents, this is the career of choice.
2.Nature of the work

1.Major Duties

2.Technological influences
2.Emerging Specialties
3.Working Conditions
1.Typical hours worked
2.Worplace environment
3.Physical Activities
4.Susceptibility to injury
5.Special equipment
6.Extent of travel required
4.Employment facts
1.Estimated number of jobs
2.Key industries for jobs
3.Significant geograpic distributions
5.Education and training qualifications
1.Personal Characteristics
1.Read, Write, and Speak Well
2.Compute accurately
3.Think Logically
4.Learn quickly1
5.Get along with others
6.Demonstrate dependability
2.Preference by employers
1.High School
2.On-The-Job Training (including apprenticeships)
3.Armed Forces
4.College or postgraduate degrees
5.Previous work experience
3.Typical length of training
4.Advancement possibilities
6.Future job outlook
1.Growth or decline potential
2.Turnover rate
3.Susceptibility to layoffs




8.Conclusion: Start with thesis and end with a general overview of your choice, as well as a desire for the future.


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