Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease
Mr D a 58 year old male, has not been feeling himself lately and is quite stressed during the day due to a heavy workload in the bank as a branch manager. he is planning on taking some long overdue leave from his work to attend to his health.
He is constantly tried, he gets a pain in his chest if he climbs the stairs at work and out of breath when he mows the lawn. In a recent visit to his GP, his blood pressure was 135/100 and blood tests show his total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol are on the high side. His doctor has highlighted the link between atherosclerosis, hypertension and elevated blood lipids and is keen to put him on medication. Mr D would like to try alternatives before he agrees to this.
His sleep quality is poor. He does not do much exercise apart from the gardening and he cannot remember the last time he took the dog for a run. He is a big man, 190cm and weighs 95kg. He explains that his weight has increased slowly since he was 46 when he was actively involved at the footy club with his son.
Mr D does not smoke any longer he stopped 15 years ago but smoked a pack a day then. He lives alone, his wife died 8 years ago and his visits him often. they still go fishing and watch footy together.
Typical daily diet of Mr D
Breakfast- Fried eggs & bacon toast, fruit juice
coffee with full cream milk
Morning tea- Sandwich from the work deli and coffee
Lunch- Steak burger and coke cola
Dinner- Chicken schnitzel, chips and 2 veggies, 2 glasses of beer
tinned fruit with custard
Answer the following questions make sure you are within the words limits. support your answers with evidence from literature and cite all your sources using APA referencing style
1- Analyse the case include the major aspects of Mr D’s condition & its causes, his current diet & lifestyle choices (250words)
2- Draw up a list of treatment objectives which will address the causes of Mr D’s condition (100words)
3- Select 5 nutrients/ foods that you would include in your prescription. Include some suitable treatments for his high blood pressure, cholesterol and chest pain. Explain the rational behind each of your choices and how they support your trestment objectives (250words)
4- which foods/nutrients would remove or limit in his diet. Explain the rationale behind your choice (100words)
5- Plan a menu for 1 day taking into account your treatment protocol. You do not need to include weights or volume measures, it is sufficient to use portions (100words). Main reference book . Clinical naturopathic medicine by hechtman and some pubmed studies.

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