Canadian Pharmaceutical Companies and corporate social responsibility

Canadian Pharmaceutical Companies and corporate social responsibility
In the above paper it is asked to research 5 pharmaceutical companies producing and operating in Canada. For each company it is required to present a brief historical background, main accomplishments regarding environmental and social responsibility efforts, and identify the different categories of actions taken linked to corporate social responsibility and thoroughly describe them while using reliable statistics and numbers. The last five to six pages should be a detailed comparison and contrast between the identified categories of each company and the above comparison must be consolidated in a table and a diagram. Please refer to the document i’m going to attach where all further instructions are stated regarding the paper, content and format.

INSTRUCTIONS For the paper
1. Globally 4 to 5 Canadian Pharmaceutical companies, should be identified preferably those producing in Canada (Quebec ). Ex. Pfizer, Sanofi, Pharma science, Algorithm, etc.

2. By identifying: A Historical background covering their line of business to be able to compare and contrast available information. For example if one company produces dermatology remedies and treatments it is recommended to have at least another company to compare.

3. Most important: Using published information (Scientific articles + publications) for each company regarding their respective environmental and social responsibility efforts done, different categories of actions taken linked to corporate social responsibility should be identified and thoroughly described.( Use available statistics)

4. Compare and contrast the selected company’s efforts and summarize all the above axes and consolidate them in a table and a diagram. Also comment on the table and diagram.

5. Use the present tense all over the text

6. Do not use affirmative statements remember it should always be scientific and no generalizations. That is everything is referenced.

7. Use Times New Roman font 12

8. References in the text and paragraphs must respect the following format:

In the paragraphs example:

a- In case of one author / two authors(Author’s Family name , Year)
The progress in academic research regarding green issues follows this dynamic nature and moves from addressing pollution (Kassarjian, 1971) and waste dumping to looking for alternative package compositions and designs, alternative product formulations, and cause-related promotions (Straughan et Roberts, 1999).
b- In case of many authors:
b.1 – same author different years ex: Roberts 1995,1996
b.2- same reference more than two authors ex: (Autio et al., 2009)
b.3 – A full example:
The attempt to profile the environmentally responsible consumers helps in identifying communication strategies to motivate and reward any responsible behavior (Granzin et Olson, 1991; Roberts 1995, 1996; Straughan et Roberts, 1999; Autio et al. ,2009; Finisterra do Paço et al., 2009 ; Trivedi et al. , 2011; McDonald et al. , 2012).

9. Bibliography must be using the following format and at least 15 references.
Examples for representing Scientific Articles:
Autio, M., Heiskanen, E. et Heinonen, V. (2009). Narratives of ‘green’ consumers – the antihero, the environmental hero and the anarchist. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 8(1), 40-53.
Finisterra do Paço, M.A., Barata Raposo, M.L. et Filho, W.L. (2009). Identifying the green consumer: A segmentation study. Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing, 17(1), 17-25.
Granzin, X. et Olson, E. (1991). Characterizing participants in activities protecting the environment: A focus on donating, recycling, and conservation behaviors. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 10(2), 1-27.
McDonald, S., Oates, C.J., Alezivou, P.J., Young, C.W. et Hwang, K. (2012). Individual strategies for sustainable consumption. Journal of Marketing Management, 23(3-4), 445-468.
Ottman, J.A. (2011).We are all green consumers, chapter 2 (dir).The new rules of green marketing., (p. 22-42). Greenleaf Publishing et Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Internet (Preferably not to use):
Internet references should be mentions as links and when was it taken

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