Can we have open-ended evolution in virtual communities ?


* To present key research milestones

* To cover collaboration, prototyping and testing, reflection and dissemination of research.

* Demonstrate a clear description of the research journey.

* Demonstrate the relevance and insightfulness of the research milestones

* Provide clear documentation of the research findings.

* Reflect on each stage of the research framework.

* Describe ideas for future development of the research.

* Clearly identified ‘sub-theme’ or your area of research that will correspond to your research project

* Provide engaging and relevant visuals

* Demonstrate an understanding of other projects in the field (i.e projects you have encountered through your background research from texts from your research area)

* Conducted an analysis of at least one of the key texts from your chosen research strand

* Think about a major research project that is aligned with your research strand , theres 5 research strands to choose from.
( *** please pick the most suitable one for me)
5 research strands :

1) Place / Space
2) Ecology and the New Environmentalism
4)The New Museum, the Archive, Beyond the White Box
5) The Body

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