Campus Safety long proposal

Campus Safety long proposal

This is a team paper assignment, and we need “as a group” to write a long proposal to our instructor, the topic of our proposal is Campus Safety.
Please write a good research proposal in my part only that I highlighted in outline file, and use the textbook of “Successful Writing at Work” (ISPN #978-0-547-14791-8) chapter 13 pages(561-*598)as a source of this paper
I attached for you
1-Proposal outline with highlighted my part
2-The short proposal that we wrote as a group, maybe you will get some ideas about what we talking in this paper.

Please follow these specific instructions below when you write my parts:
Part1: What’s the challenge and how to change?
Write 1 page long and explain the three points that I highlighted below this part.
Some evidence that exists like; no security camera inside the campus, no security firm, the campus near to downtown and there are many homeless people.
Do not blame people…. blame the change, for example, low economic conditions

Part2: What is going to cost?
-our plan is to suggest both installing the security cameras and contracting with a good security firm…., (see the short proposal )if you want to write about it, please do a research for the pest security cameras and security firm in country with the total cost, but if you have another good plan, please write it and explain the total cost in details in one and half pages……
– Make a logical linked between cost and benefits.
– At the end of this part; write a short paragraph that show smoothly transition to the next section
Part3: What should your reader approve this proposal?
Focus for the 4 points under this part at outline file and write for one and half pages
Note: my reader for this proposal are the administration on campus.

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