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• Review the Topic Exploration and Analysis you developed in Week 2.
• Review the Literature Review you developed in Week 3.
• Consider insights gained about the effectiveness of publicity campaigns from this week’s Learning Resources and Discussion.
• With the potential solutions and steps you identified in the Literature Review in mind, as well as other relevant information you gained through your research, consider how you might most effectively reach out to the public for support on this issue.
• What message or messages would you craft? To whom would they be addressed?
• How would you deliver your message(s) to most effectively reach the intended audience(s)? Consider the pros and cons of all forms of information dissemination. These include the Internet (websites, blogs, social media sites), print ads, TV and radio ads, PowerPoint presentations, community posters and pamphlets, billboards, speaker presentations, community gatherings, and phone campaigns.
By Day 7
In a 2- to 3-page paper, describe your proposed overall approach and process for publicizing your social issue. Address the following, making sure to support your statements with references to this week’s required readings:
• Briefly describe the social issue and what you would like to achieve through this publicity campaign.
• To whom would you reach out? Why? (Note: Think creatively about the support you would most like to have and most need.)
• How would you reach out? What methods would you use to inform and inspire? Why?
• Are there any groups or individuals with whom you would most like to connect? Why?
• What messages would you incorporate into your campaign? Why do you think this messaging would resonate with potential interested individuals or groups? (Note: Messaging can be different for different intended audiences.)
• In launching this campaign, what would be the first step you would take and why?

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