Calculus homework

Verify the identity.


cot θ ∙ sec θ = csc θ









2 A gas company has the following rate schedule for natural gas usage in single-family residences:


Monthly service charge                  $8.80


Per therm service charge

1st 25 therms                      $0.6686/therm

Over 25 therms                  $0.85870/therm


What is the charge for using 25 therms in one month?

What is the charge for using 45 therms in one month?

Construct a function that gives the monthly charge C for x therms of gas.













3 The wind chill factor represents the equivalent air temperature at a standard wind speed that would produce the same heat loss as the given temperature and wind speed. One formula for computing the equivalent temperature is


W(t) =


where v represents the wind speed (in meters per second) and t represents the air temperature . Compute the wind chill for an air temperature of 15°C and a wind speed of 12 meters per second. (Round the answer to one decimal place.)






4 Complete the following:

(a)           Use the Leading Coefficient Test to determine the graph’s end behavior.

(b)           Find the x-intercepts. State whether the graph crosses the x-axis or touches the x-axis and turns around at each intercept.

(c)           Find the y-intercept.

f(x) = x2(x + 2)




















5 For the data set shown by the table,

 a. Create a scatter plot for the data. (You do not need to submit the scatter plot)

 b. Use the scatter plot to determine whether an exponential function or a logarithmic function is the best choice for modeling the data.

Number of Homes Built in a Town by Year






6 Verify the identity.

(1 + tan2u)(1 – sin2u) = 1





7 Verify the identity.

cot2x + csc2x = 2csc2x – 1





8 Verify the identity.

1 + sec2xsin2x = sec2x





9 Verify the identity.

cos(α – β) – cos(α + β) = 2 sin α sin β








10 The following data represents the normal monthly precipitation for a certain city.


Draw a scatter diagram of the data for one period. (You do not need to submit the scatter diagram). Find the sinusoidal function of the form  that fits the data.

















Multiple Choice: Type your answer choice in the blank next to each question.


_____11. The graph below shows the percentage of students enrolled in the College of Engineering at State University. Use the graph to answer the question.

Does the graph represent a function?

A. Yes
B. No


_____12. Find the vertical asymptotes, if any, of the graph of the rational function.

f(x) =

A. x = 0 and x = 4
B. x = 0
C. x = 4
D. no vertical asymptote










_____13. The formula A = 118e0.024t models the population of a particular city, in thousands, t years after 1998. When will the population of the city reach 140 thousand?

A. 2008
B. 2005
C. 2006
D. 2007
_____14. Find the specified vector or scalar.

u = -4i + 1j and v = 4i + 1j; Find .

B. 8
C. 2
D. 5
_____15. Find the exact value of the trigonometric function. Do not use a calculator.


A. -1
C. 1

















_____16. Find the x-intercepts (if any) for the graph of the quadratic function.

6x2 + 12x + 5 = 0

Give your answers in exact form.







_____17. Use the compound interest formulas A = Pert and A = P to solve.

Suppose that you have $11,000 to invest. Which investment yields the greater return over 10 years: 6.25% compounded continuously or 6.3% compounded semiannually?

A. $11,000 invested at 6.25% compounded continuously over 10 years yields the greater return.
B. Both investment plans yield the same return.
C. $11,000 invested at 6.3% compounded semiannually over 10 years yields the greater return.
_____18. Find functions f and g so that h(x) = (f ∘ g)(x).

h(x) = (6x – 14)8

A. f(x) = 6x – 14, g(x) = x8
B. f(x) = 6x8 – 14, g(x) = -14
C. f(x) = x8, g(x) = 6x – 14
D. f(x) = (6x)8, g(x) = -14


_____19. Begin by graphing the standard absolute value function f(x) = | x |. Then use transformations of this graph to graph the given function.

h(x) = 2 | x | + 2

_____20. Find the reference angle for the given angle.


A. 44°
B. 46°
C. 134°
D. 136°











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