Business Studies

Business Studies
Paper details:
Find articles about these two topics and read it and write a half page summery for every topic… I have uploaded instruction, but you have to write half page for Numerical Descriptive Measures, and the second half is Hypothesis Testing.

Please remember to attach the link for the two articles from Wall street

The paper instruction,

Read the Journal and pick an article relevant to this course (check the topics to be discussed in the tentative schedule or consult the textbook) and provide an abstract/summary typed. Abstracts are summaries designed to provide a condensed version of a longer article, and are written for the purpose of enticing the reader to read the complete document. An abstract is only long enough to present the salient aspects of the document; it gives the overall, big picture and a few important details. The summary should cover the entire article, saying what the author’s overall main idea is as well as 2 or 3 important sub-ideas in the article. Do not copy sentences from different sections of the article in a “mix and match” random approach. Also, do not summarize different sections of the article with no overall sense of what the whole article is about. Summarize the article in your own words; make sure not to include your own ideas and thoughts about the topic in the abstract. However, you are free to discuss the article in a separate paragraph. The general format of the assignment is as follows.

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