Business Proposal Assignment

Business Proposal Assignment

Come up with a new policy/procedure/process or a new product/service that you think your company or organization should implement or develop. Think about how your idea, if implemented, solves an existing problem or adds value to the organization. Now write a
1-1½-page proposal to the person you report to that will persuade him or her to implement your idea. Use the following bullet points to guide you:

• Use the Pyramid Principle to organize your proposal.

• State your proposal in the first paragraph.

• Provide a rationale for your proposal in subsequent paragraphs.

• Start each paragraph with a topic sentence.
­ Use transitional words and phrases to help ensure paragraph coherence.

• Include a potential obstacle to the successful implementation of your proposal but then explain how the obstacle can be overcome or minimized.

• Conclude with a brief summary of your proposal and how it benefits or adds value to your organization; include next steps.

Written proposal: due Feb. 18

Example of proposal outline using the Pyramid Principle

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