Business Plan for your own designed magazine

The Magazine is designed for the International students in the university and it’s a free magazine, profits could be obtained from the advertisement: American appeals and other youth brand product

Business plan                1000 words

Write a 1,000-word business plan, summarising your product, your market research, business strategy, and operational planning, and present it in a way that could persuade investors to put money into your business.

Marking criteria
Does the plan include all these elements?
1.    Why this: summary of magazine concept, USP, print, online, social media, brand extensions
2.    Why me: strengths, achievements, previous experience
3.    Why now: market analysis, including analysis of 2 main competitors
4.    Target audience, including reader profile. Who will read your magazine?
5.    Circulation: Your initial print run
6.    Frequency: How often will you publish? – monthly, fortnightly, weekly?
7.    Cover price: Cost to the reader
8.    Distribution methods: Subscription and news-stand, direct or targeted?
9.    Revenue streams: Where will profits come from?
10.    Marketing
11.    Typical advertisers
How realistic is the business plan?
How persuasive is the plan?
Quality and depth of research
Quality of writing and expression.

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