Business Plan.

Business Plan.

In this option you will prepare a business plan. You will demonstrate your planning activities, clarify your business concept and gather data you need.

A business plan is essentially a road map to your targeted destination. Ideally, it will get you from your starting point to your goal. This option is challenging, creative and rewarding. The Business Plan should include the following components:

a    The title of the project
b    Table of Contents
c    The Executive Summary
Chapter 1    Company Description
Chapter 2    Industry Analysis & Trends
Chapter 3    Target Market
Chapter 4    Competition
Chapter 5    Strategic Position & Risk Management
Chapter 6    Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy (SWOT Analysis)
Chapter 7    Operations
Chapter 8    Technology Plan
Chapter 9    Management & Organization
Chapter 10    Community Involvement & Social Responsibility
Chapter 11    Financials

Financial plan is one of the most important aspects of your business plan. You are required to provide in depth financial analysis in this report. Explain the amount of funding your business needs and provide supporting financial data on your projected financial activity in the form of income statements, budgets and cash flow statements. Also include break-even analysis.

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