Business Operations and Logistics

Individual Report

Compare and Contrast Two Business Operations* of your choice, identify their similarities and differences with reference to the Operations

Management and Logistics theories. Need to use Microsoft Visio to produce process maps, and apply measurement tools such as the 5

operations performance objectives to support your discussion. Primary research of company visit must be carried out, with the support of

secondary research of data collection.

*The choice of the Two Business Operations can be either:
Two companies that produce goods and/or services in the same type of industry;
A Company’s operation in store and online

Individual Report Marking Scales:
1. Introduction, Company Background information (10%)

2. Literature review on Operations Management and Logistics (20%)

3. Use Microsoft Visio to produce Process Maps of the company’s process flows (30%)

4. Compare and Contrast the similarities and differences of the two Business Operations – apply the 5 operations performance objectives


5. Conclusion, referencing and academic writing style of the report (10%)
please use emerald journals for literature reviews discuss them and say what other journals say about it. dont link it to the business

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