Business Law Discussion

Business Law Discussion

General Instructions for Learning Activity 1:   Read/watch all assigned materials listed for the week in Course Content. You should cite to these materials in your postings as well as specific articles materials, if any, listed below with each learning activity.

Label the learning activity with title, “Learning Activity 1” in the post subject line. It is necessary for you to label each Learning Activity in this manner for your grade to be recorded properly.

Learning Activity 1:

This learning activity focuses on jurisdiction and ADR.

Case Scenario: Rubin owns and operates a florist business, Flower World, Inc., (Flower) from a shop in his Ohio hometown. Flowers advertises and sells in Ohio from the shop, and advertises and sells over the internet. Using Flower’s website and her credit card, on August 5, Louise purchased $5,000 worth of live wedding flowers from her home in Dallas, Texas. She requested the flowers to be shipped to a hotel in Indiana, the site of the wedding, on August 15.   The flowers arrived on August 14, the day before the wedding, but Louise claimed they were withered and unusable.

Louise sued Flowers in a Texas court to recover her $5,000.   Ross, on behalf of Flowers, filed a motion to dismiss claiming the Texas court has no jurisdiction.

  1. Analyze and explain/justify your rationale: which court has jurisdiction to hear the case, and why?
  2. What is the legal basis for the court’s jurisdiction over Flowers (i.e., what type of jurisdiction exists over Flowers) and why?
  3. Would you advise Ross to use ADR or go to court to resolve this dispute? Why or why not?

Answer each question part in paragraph format using APA in text citations, as appropriate, from the assigned materials. Please DO NOT use internet resources in your answer for this assignment (it is not necessary). Points are deducted for inadequate in text cites.

Comprehensively, specifically justify/support and explain your rationale for your conclusions. Responses of merely a few sentences will not earn credit

Discussion 1:

Respond to at least 2 other posts for Learning Activity 1, interactively and substantively. Refer to Toolbox (click on Content in the toolbar) for info and specific examples of interactive, substantive responses to others.   You will earn points for discussion only by responding substantively, interactively.

Comprehensively, specifically justify/support and explain your rationale for your conclusions.

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