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You are required to do two papers in this course, each of about 2,000 words. To do the papers, which are due at the end of Weeks 7 and 11, you should choose3-5 of the Questions and Problems, any ones you wish from any chapter which we have covered by the time the paper is due. So for the first, these can come from any chapter we cover in Weeks 1-7. For the second paper, they can be taken from any or more chapters covered in Weeks 1-11. You must write on a minimum of 3 Questions, but it can be a maximum of 5. The paper will be graded based on content, plagiarism, expression and also grammar, spelling and syntax.

The first writing assignment is about the three following questions (2,000 words):

1. How do business ethics and business law interact with each other? Is one highly ethical and the other less ethical?
2. If business ethics does not offer guidance about what is always the right thing to do, is one behavior as good as the next?
3. How does the WPH approach to ethics approach an ethical problem?

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