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1. Develop Dashboard: Develop a dashboard to be used by the Senior Executive Team of 9Eleven. It should be based on the supermarket transaction record sample provided. Use IBM Cognos Insight and/or IBM Watson for this task. It will be up to you to decide which data should be displayed, which visualisation elements to be utilesed and how the elements should be arranged.

2. Justify Dashboard Design: Justify why these BI reporting solution/dashboard elements were chosen and why they were laid out in the fashion you have proposed.
The screenshots of the BI reports/dashboards must be presented and explained in the written report. Also include any assumptions made.

3. Make Recommendations: Furthermore, the Board would like to improve company’s sales revenue based on the six-fold household types identified. Using insights gained from analysing supermarket transaction record propose a set of ‘fact-based’ recommendations that would help 9Eleven increase their sales revenue. You must provide a critical analysis of your proposal and discuss how each of the solutions would increase the sales revenue. Include relevant screenshots from BI tools that have aided your analysis. State any assumptions.

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