Business Email Assignment

Business Email Assignment

Paper details:


Email is an important form of business communication to inform, persuade, and promote goodwill. The benefits of email include timeliness and accessibility. Popularized for its accessibility and time-efficiency, some users incorrectly employ a casual tone regardless of the context. Consequently, business communicators will convey a strong professional impression with a well-formatted email.

Your Task

You are director of information technology for a large company. You must send an email to employees in your area letting them know that over the next two months all office areas will be receiving new carpeting. This will be done in sections and require all office furniture in a particular area to be moved while the old, ragged, and dirty carpeting is removed and new installed.

Employees will be notified of the scheduled time for this to occur in their area. It will take only 24 hours for removal and installation for each area. Employees are asked to remove all personal belongings under and on top of their desks for a 36-hour period (from 6:00 p.m. the day before the move until 6:00 a.m. the day after the move) so that movers can move the desks, filing cabinets, and other equipment so that installation can occur smoothly. Employees having laptops are asked to work from home during the day of the installation. The few employees working on desktops should contact their supervisors about getting equipment moved into a conference or team room for them to use temporally. In some cases, loaner laptops may also be available so those employees can work from home as well, but this needs to be coordinated with their supervisor.

The new carpeting is badly needed and is something that employees have been complaining about for some time, so most will be happy about this even if it is a very small inconvenience.

You may invent name of the company to make the email and the supporting information more relevant. You must analyze your audience, determine common ground (i.e., aspects they will support), and controversies. Your goal is to minimize opposition and maximize support for the renovations, but the expectation is that the employees will be pleased with this renovation news.

Students will read and use the following chapters in the BCOM text:

Ch. 3 – Planning Spoken and Written Messages
Ch. 4 – Preparing Spoken and Written Messages
Ch. 5 – Communicating Electronically
Criteria for Evaluation

Assignments will be assessed with the Written Deliverables rubric with attention to these areas:

Demonstrates responsiveness to the audience’s subject knowledge, attitudes, interests, and values as well as the purpose and occasion.
Employs format specifications detailed in the “Your Task” section of this assignment description.
Utilizes the appropriate organizational pattern for the message’s purpose.
Reflects professional communication standards including tone and overall writing standards.

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