Business Communcation

To help you become an effective telecommuter Jessica, we have a few suggestion to share with you. I understand you will be working at home for the next nine months. The following guidelines should help you stay in touch with us and complete your work satisfactory.∑ Be sure to check your message bored daily, and respond immediate to those who are trying to reach you.∑ Check your e-mail at least 3 times a day, answer all messages promply. Make sure that you sent copys of relevant messages to the appropriate office staff.∑ Transmit all spread sheet work to Scott Florio in our computer services department. He will analyze each weekís activitys, and update all inventorys.∑ Provide me with end of week reportsí indicating the major accounts you serviced.In preparing your work area you should make sure you have adequate space for your computer printer fax and storage. For security reasons youíre working area should be off limits to your family and friends.

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