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Individual Student Assignment

Students are required to perform an individual assignment analyzing a new opportunity. The instructor will assign a firm to each student and the student will come up with a new business opportunity for the firm which they will then analyze and research.

Each student will write an assignment for their firm that encompasses three parts:

1) Concept statement (5%)
2) Competitive analysis grid (5%)
3) Market/industry analysis (5%)

The concept statement provides details on a new product/service that the student will choose and which the firm has not yet introduced. The competitive analysis grid defines important characteristics of the new product/ service and compares them across competitors. The market/ industry analysis requires the completion of the market/industry worksheet for the chosen firm.

Each of these items will be discussed in class as the class progresses.

Information on each of these elements can be found here:

1. Concept Statement: Barringer and Ireland, chapter 3, page 83.
2. Competitive Analysis: Barringer and Ireland, chapter 5, page 168.
3. Market/Industry Analysis: a step-by-step guide is given here:
There is a document on this site called “the business plan research worksheet” which you should edit and hand in. Note you do not need to hand in the SME benchmarking information or the executive summary from IBISworld.
Please write double-spaced, Times New Roman, Font Size 12, maximum of 5 pages (including references). The allocation of pages should be approximately as follows: concept statement (1 page), competitive analysis (1-2 pages), market/industry analysis (1-2 pages), and references (1 page).

The complete assignment will be handed in at the end of class on Oct. 5th.

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