Business Administration career

Business Administration career

English composition 2

An investigative essay is the writer’s attempt to share newly discovered information with his or
her readers. Because the writer is sharing new information, the introduction and statement of
purpose in an investigative essay needs to reflect this intention. Rather than “inform” or “teach”
readers, the essay sets out to let readers know what information has been discovered and
uncovered that is useful and applicable to the topic.
For this essay, you will investigate a career with the ultimate goal of discovering information that is personally useful. Your approach to the topic will depend on what you need to find out. If you are new to college and still working on your “basics,” you may not know which career you will pursue in the future. This essay can help you identify a viable career path. If you have already selected a career, your investigation should focus on aspects of your career that have changed since your initial investigation. If you already have a career, perhaps this essay will help you understand your current career, and all of its possibilities, more fully.
Remember: this is a brief essay that requires a narrow, focused subject that is at once useful
and practical. Begin by perusing the following resource, which lists the “100 Best Jobs of 2014”
according to U.S. News and World Report:
Use Internet search engine(s) to locate three reliable and authoritative sources. These three
sources may not include Wikipedia, as this interesting web encyclopedia does not control
authorship and is therefore not recognized as a viable academic source. You will need to find
three sources and evaluate them using the guidelines studied earlier to ensure their reliability
and authenticity. Having three sources will allow you an opportunity to cross reference details
and information. You must list the U.S. News and World Report website in your Works Cited if
you choose a career from the list provided; however, you must still find three additional sources
for your essay.When incorporating information from sources into your essay, use Modern Language
Association (MLA) Documentation Style. This requires that a source be cited parenthetically
within the essay at the point of use, if not already identified within the context of the sentence,
and then listed as a source on a Works Cited Page following the essay.

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