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Write an APA formatted 750 to 1,400 word paper addressing the following questions and adhering to the grading rubric:
At what point, if ever, did the parties have a contract not including the “negotiation rights” contract?
What facts may weigh in favor of or against Chou in terms of the parties’ objective intent to contract?
Does the fact that the parties were communicating by e-mail have any impact on your analysis in questions 1 and 2 (above)?
What role does the statute of frauds play in this contract?
Could BTT avoid this contract under the doctrine of mistake? Explain. Would either party have any other defenses that would allow the contract to be avoided?
Assuming, arguendo, that this e-mail does constitute an agreement, what consideration supports this agreement? Be sure to define consideration and apply the facts to that definition.
At the end of the scenario, BTT states that it is not interested in distributing Chou’s new strategy game, Strat. Assuming BTT and Chou have a contract, and BTT has breached the contract by not distributing the game, discuss what remedies might or might not apply. Explain your answers and refer to Section 7-6 in Ch. 7 for support and information on remedies.

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