Business 100W

Business 100W
Scenario: Unlike Milton, you now have hope that Tahiti is within your reach (without the
fiery conflagration Milton resorted to). You have learned from the master but avoided
the cynicism. Surely the world is your oyster, and you have succeeded beyond your
wildest dreams at this new company because of the impressive proposal you
generated; in fact, your employer implemented your ideas, and your brilliance resulted
in yet another promotion. Your new position, oddly enough, is something of a sinecure
and has given you more time than you ever dreamed possible to think critically and
creatively, something upper management seems to encourage strongly these days. As
a result, your thoughts turn towards a text you recently read, The Prince by Niccolo
Machiavelli (assigned to you by some long forgotten professor now). Still, you cannot
help but think about how this fifteenth century author has wormed his way into your
heart as you reflect on the world around you and the events that have unfolded at your
company. Now your two worlds collide in a most abrupt manner. Consider the
company you have been working with over the quarter for assignments two and three.
Return to the library and the ample resources available to you through UCR to research
the company even further. In what ways does the company you have examined adhere
to the ideas Machiavelli discusses? Be specific in your argument and analysis. In what
ways does the company in question eschew the ideas of Machiavelli? Rely heavily on
Machiavelli, quoting where appropriate and comprehensively explaining/interpreting the
quotes. Finally, does your company’s adherence to or avoidance of Machiavelli’s ideas
ultimately serve your company well? Why or why not? After an analysis of appropriate
passages, explain how the company you have studied manifests (and in what manner)
or does not manifest the philosophies Machiavelli espouses. Visual aids in the paper
may prove helpful in explaining your ideas. Prove your case, taking into account
reasonable counterarguments. Remember, the word corporation comes from the Latin
corpus, meaning “body.” Corporations, companies, and businesses are legally viewed
as bodies or human beings. While The Prince can refer to the actions of an individual,
Machiavelli’s ideas can also equally be applied to the actions of a corporation.
Required Word Count: 2,000 to 2,250 words

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