Bullying in School Settings.

Why do you think kids would try to have a power imbalance? Do you feel that this is a learned behavior or not? What do you think is the largest issue with bullying today? Is there one type of bullying that you feel is worse or more prevalent than another? What do you think your role as a school social worker would be with the following: the student who is being bullied; the student who is being the bully; the outsider; the student who is reinforcing the bullying; the student who assists in the bullying; and the student who defends the student who is being bullied? In the subjects provided for you under related topics in the lecture pages, which one do you feel is more prevalent? How has cyber-bullying impacted students in school settings? Do you think you could be a help with cyber-bullying? What is the best prevention or intervention that you read about for bullying in school settings?

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