Building Services System – Detailed Design Report of Refrigeration Cooling System and Heating System

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

For your selected subsystems, you must produce a detailed report outlining design decisions and rationale for the technologies you have selected in support of the final design which should include the following elements

  1. a) Use of fundamental knowledge, innovative techniques, system selection, design parameters
  2. b) Creative logical approach, attention to detail and functional efficiency
  3. c) An outline performance specification and all design calculations

associated with selection of components, sizes, capacity and duty

  1. d) Layout of plant rooms, major equipment location, pipe, cable and duct

runs throughout the building and site (where appropriate)

  1. e) Special features of installation relating to health and safety, good

engineering practice, and Building Regulations

  1. f) Operating and maintenance criteria for major plant
  2. g) Draw all the services to scale on the CAD plans provided
  3. h) LZC and energy efficiency
  4. i) Installation and maintenance issues
  5. j) Commissioning schedules
  6. k) Integration with the other subsystems within the full building services project


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