Buddy’s Floor Barn

Buddy’s Floor Barn

Assignment Overview:
You are working as a data analyst for the Excellent Consulting Group. Your client, Buddy’s Floor Barn, wants to analyze how they are doing in their 18 locations in four regions across their 10 product lines over the last 3 quarters. Each Regional Manager has compiled the data for his/her region showing the sales revenue for each of the five product lines (premium flooring) for each of the first three quarters.
Case Assignment: Buddy’s Floor Barn
Assemble the data from each Store Manager into a data table in list format. And then generate Pivot Table Report. Use this report to analyze the data to answer Buddy’s questions. Write a business report to Buddy’s Floor Barn that provides the answers and discusses the issues.
Data: See attachment Excel doc: Case 1-Data.xlsx with the data from the four regional managers for the first three quarters showing sales of their five premium flooring products.
Assignment Expectations
• Accurate and complete analysis in Excel using the MADM model and theory.
Written report: (Must use Heading for paragraphs)
• Provide a brief introduction/ background of the problem.
• Complete and accurate Excel analysis.
• Written analysis that supports Excel analysis, and provides thorough discussion and analysis of assumptions, rationale, and logic used.
• Complete, meaningful, and accurate recommendation(s).

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