Breaking Down a Product’s Distribution and Marketing Plan

Breaking Down a Product’s Distribution and Marketing Plan

Think of your favorite movie, video game, or album that has been distributed by a MAJOR record label, movie studio, or game publisher. After pinpointing what the product is, conduct some in-depth research to discover what strategies and tactics were used in distributing and marketing this entertainment media product. Make sure that you can find enough information on the Internet to complete this assignment before deciding on the product you will cover. Choose a product that was released MORE than one year ago in order to find all of the necessary information for this assignment.
Assignment’s Goals
The goals for this assignment are to 1) research and discover the strategies and tactics used by LARGE distributors or publishers and the resultant outcome, and 2) perfect your skills writing narrative scripts, creating Keynote presentations, and using all of the creative elements that make a great audio and visual presentation.
The Assignment
There are two parts to this assignment:
Part One: Write a double-spaced script of your voiceover and include APA formatted research references that you will submit to Turnitin; and
Part Two: Create a 10-slide Keynote presentation with a voiceover commentary that you will upload to FSO. This is not a podcast so do not export to a .mov file. Leave it as a Keynote.
1. Write A Script
Write a script for the voice over you will record for the Keynote presentation. The script should address the topic for each slide and fill in the blanks so that the Keynote does not contain a lot of text. Do not simply recite information for each slide. The script should sound conversational and professional. The script should match the voiceover in the Keynote.
2. Submit the double-spaced script and APA formatted references into Turnitin
To help improve your writing skills, submit the double-spaced script with APA formatted research references for this assignment into Turnitin. The directions, ID, and password for Turnitin are in the Announcements on the EMD dashboard.
You can see the Originality report within a few seconds. Make any necessary revisions to the script before recording the dialogue for the Keynote and resubmit the script to Turnitin.
EMD Jun. 16, 13
You can only submit to Turnitin once in a 24-hour period so complete the script in enough time to do this before the deadline for this assignment.
The teacher will make comments and grade the assignment in Turnitin.
1. Design The Keynote
Each slide should have a headline topic and contain the following information:
Slide 1: The product’s title, medium, genre, production company, and/or creators. Include
your name near the bottom of the slide.
Slide 2: What are the logline and premise (if it is a movie or documentary), the USP (if it is a game), and/or the artist’s story (if it is an album)? What are the main selling points? Who is the target market?
Slide 3: Who are the distributors (or publisher if it is a game)? What territory did each distributor/publisher cover? Make sure you cover theatrical, DVD, and TV distribution. You can find an entire list of the company credits on
Slide 4: Was it entered into any film festivals? Did it win any awards, or other accolades, such as a Grammy, Oscar, E3 Game Critics Award, or Emmy? Did it receive any favorable or unfavorable press? If so, what was the angle used by the journalist?
Slide 5: What were the box office results, sales revenues for CDs or DVDs, downloads, VOD, etc.?
Slide 6: What were the marketing choices the distributor used? Were there any special promotions, coupons, PR tactics, or strategic partnerships to help sell the product?
Slide 7: Where can the product be bought today? Which bricks and mortar stores, websites, etc.?
Slide 8: What is the price for all formats and versions?
Slide 9: What are the ancillary products? Is revenue being generated from these ancillary
goods or services that differ from or enhance the main product?
Slide 10: Conclusion or sign off. After analyzing all of the research you found on this product’s marketing and distribution plan, what made it a success or failure? (Do not put research references in Keynote, put them in the script you upload to Turnitin.)
2. Record the Voice Over from the Script
EMD Jun. 16, 13
Important Notes:
This file cannot be larger than 100 MG, so it should not exceed four minutes. Make sure to compress the file before uploading to FSO.
1. Do NOT use PowerPoint for this assignment.
2. Do NOT render as a podcast in GarageBand. Refer to this Keynote tutorial for
adding audio and video to a Keynote:
3. All pictures or graphics in the Keynote must have an appropriate reference of where it was obtained below the graphic or pictures. This can be a small font.
4. Do not use more than one slide for each topic. For instance, if a project received a lot of press, cover this on one slide.
5. You must have at least one reference from EBSCO Host., Billboard, Variety, and Hollywood Reporter are good websites to find information to help you with this assignment. If you cannot find all of the information for the product you chose, you should look for another product to cover.
To achieve a maximum grade, the Keynote:
6. Uses the effective slide triumvirate of arrangement, visual elements, and movement that you learned in MUB (Professional Communication and Presentation). Here is a great article on what makes a great slide presentation. Use all of these tips to help with your presentation:
7. Is enhanced with pictures, graphics, appropriate transitions, and appealing fonts. If you use a font not included with the Keynote software, make sure to include the font when you submit the assignment.
8. Has music embedded into the presentation
9. Has an interesting background
10. Is uncluttered with lots of text
11. The voiceover thoroughly identifies the major distribution and marketing
strategies and tactics for the chosen product
WARNING: Do not use any content from a Website in the script or in the Keynotes without providing the appropriate verbal reference, in-text citation, quotation marks, formatting, and reference according to APA guidelines. Consequences for plagiarism are harsh.

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