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Elaborate a BRAND AUDIT FOR MERCEDES-BENZ following the instructions bellow (PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS). Attached you will find some NOTES on Branding Audit, and an example of the Brand Audit of Rolex

The audit will be based on secondary sources, corporate website, insights, magazines, own experience. You will follow these three milestones:

1. Brand inventory audit: Describe your brand positioning and elements (logos, symbols, characters, packaging, slogan). Compare it to your competitor’s. Identify weakness and opportunities to improve the positioning.

2. Brand building (brand exploratory ) audit: Identify your brand equity sources. Could you identify the most contributing marketing activities to your success and positioning? Could you suggest improvements to those marketing programs?. You could use secondary sources or primary sources. and primary (empirical) research. For the latter, conduct a minimum of three one-on-one interviews, or one 6-8-individuals focus group, or 6 surveys. The best is to include quantitative and qualitative research.

3. Brand growth audit: Identify and assess your brand architecture and hierarchy. Could you describe the brand portfolio and the integration of this brand into it?. Could you say something about the expansion of this brand, via brand extensions in new markets or channels. Assess the growth strategy.

The Final report should include:

– Short brand description and positioning
– Description of brand equity structure and its antecedents
– Recommend directions to build and manage the brand equity and directions to manage the brand supporting them with the course concepts.

Individual Report Format: MAXIMUM Extension: 3 pages (single face; 1.5 space; 11 point front). Add an annex with figures, graphics and any support material.

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