Brand Plan of . Fashion industry

Brand Plan of . Fashion industry
Assessment 3 – Brand Plan
Assessment Type Proposal / Plan
Description Purpose sample: The purpose of this assignment is to assess students’ Knowledge of
Discipline Theory, Models and Concepts and Proficiency in their Application and their
Knowledge and skill specialisation within Discipline
Description sample: Students apply their knowledge of the discipline theory, models and
concepts in assessing theory in the field of global marketing.
As a brand consultant, you have been invited by a large international corporation to provide a
report on a new brand they wish to develop or extend and market into a single geographic

1. Fashion industry

This organization plans to develop or extend a new brand within each of the three product
categories. You are required to provide a brand plan for a twelve month period. This
organization will need advice and reasoning behind all aspects of the brands development
and marketing. You must clearly outline any assumptions you have made and incorporate
academic literature to support/justify your ideas. Unsubstantiated statements will not provide
credibility to your discussion (marking schedule on Blackboard).
Weighting 40%
Length 3000 words (excluding executive summary)

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