Brand loyalty cheating

Brand loyalty cheating

The research paper should be 4 pages and 3 pages for each person you interviewed. The company you will interview with 3 people ( Apple -samsung- LG)
follow the instructions please:
You will gather observational data and secondary information about the topic. You can use library resources, industry magazines, newspaper articles, etc. You must cite these resources in your report. For observational data, you need to observe individuals as they perform the behavior related to your topic and write appropriate notes.

Then, the student will conduct interviews with at least three individuals and ask relevant questions.

You need to develop the interview questions and then meet with me to receive feedback on the questions.

Your interview questions must not be leading/biased. The goal is to discover the motivations for the behavior, reasons for doing or not doing it, and understanding the behavior.

Your interview questions must include age, gender, ethnicity, and education level of the respondents.

Prepare a transcript (verbatim) of all the interviews and include them in the appendix of your report. Hence, it is important that you transcribe your interviews immediately. It might be advisable to use a voice recorder while conducting the interviews.

Analyze the interview and generate conclusions and suggestions.

Project Report Outline

Technical Specification: 4 to 5 pages of report for each part of the project (excluding the cover page and interview transcripts) in Times New Roman with 12 point font, double space, one inch margins and page numbers inserted on the top right of the page. The transcript of all interviews must be attached to the project as an appendix.

Cover page: Topic/title, your name, date, class, and instructor’s name.

Introduction: Description of the topic, its importance and why it should be studied by

marketers, secondary information and findings related to the topic. Note that large amount of data is available online or through libraries. Some of the secondary data sources in the library or other sources. In addition, look at newspapers, business journals such as Business Week, Forbs, etc. Present these in as much detail as possible. Use of Tables and graphs is highly recommended. Also, make sure that you cite the data and information sources both in-text and provide the bibliography in section 6.

Analysis: Analyses of the observation and interview data.

Findings: Key findings from the interviews and how these conclusions relate to what you

have gleaned from the textbook and other readings.

Conclusions: Your conclusions about the topic of your project and suggestions for marketers

as related to your topic.

References: You must use in-text citation wherever you refer to information from any source

other than the interviews. Moreover, you must have a bibliography (i.e., list of references used throughout the project). Use APA style for the in-text citations and bibliographies. The font and line spacing should be similar to the rest of the project.

Appendix: Transcript of the interviews should be presented in as much detail as possible and in a sequential manner (in order of the questions asked); this must be verbatim and not paraphrased.

IMPORTANT: Your interview transcripts should be based on the following format:

?  Name the transcript for each interview as in the example provided here: “Participant 1 interview transcript”, “Manager 2 interview transcript”.

?  Make the questions bold.

?  Put “I” for interviewer and “P” for participant.

?  Present questions and answers in separate lines. For example:

o I: What is your age?

o P: I am 30 years old.
? Be consistent in the use of fonts, font size, color, line spacing, etc.

IMPORTANT: Language is an important aspect of the project report. Write in a level that is appropriate to the business community. Effective writing helps clarify ideas and communicate those ideas to others. Be organized, clear, and succinct. Grammar, punctuation, style, and spelling count. One point will be deducted for each grammar and/or spelling mistake.

As you are conducting your interviews and working on the report, I would like to provide some more explanation on the analysis and findings sections of the report:

The analysis section is the report of how many interviews you have conducted, the demographics of the interviewees, how long on average each interview took, and the process you followed to analyze the interviews. Your process most probably includes, reviewing the interviews one by one and identifying important factors from each interview, and considering the similarities and differences among the responses. To be more specific, the analysis section does not reveal any findings. It just describes the process of identifying the findings. For instance, you can discuss how you analyzed responses from different groups that you have interviewed (i.e., you looked at each group and analyzed it first and then looked for similarities and differences across groups).

The findings section provides key findings from the interviews and how these are related to what you have gleaned from the textbook and other readings. Your findings emerge as a result of your analysis and then you will discuss how they relate to the secondary information (i.e., reading articles, text books, etc.,) that you have discussed in the introduction section.  Thus, the findings section provides the findings and links them to the literature on that topic.

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