Brain and Behavior

Brain and Behavior

Your paper should research a brain-behavior relationship that you are interested in learning more about. Example research questions you may ask include: How do drugs and alcohol affect the developing brain? What role does the cholinergic system play in the development of Alzheimer’s disease? How do men’s and women’s brains differ? What neurobiological factors contribute to obesity? How does meditation affect the brain? What affect does food have on our memory? After you have come up with a topic, your job is to write a paper that summarizes recent research on the topic using at least four references to peer reviewed journal articles. You must include an APA style title page and abstract as the first two pages. The next five to six pages should be the body of the paper and finally you should have a reference section at the end.

Things to remember about this assignment:
The paper must be written in APA style. Example title, abstract, and reference pages can be found below. Instructions for in-text citations can also be found below. If you are unfamiliar with APA style or need a reminder, the following websites can help you:

Make sure that you are focusing on brain-behavior relationships.
Rather than just summarize the source information, explain why it is important or what the implications of the research are.

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