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Book Format
Author, X. (year). The title of a book is italicized: Notice there is no month next to my year (2nd ed.). Location: Publisher.

The second issue is that I keep seeing the date of retrieval on website references. That was a practice in the fifth edition (ended in 2009) for all website references. Now, we only use that for
something that continually changes, such as when the URL for a reference you are using is on the front page of an online newspaper. That will change every single day, so a date of retrieval would
be necessary.

Website Format
Author, X. (year). This is a website reference: Notice it is not italicized. Retrieved from
Respond substantively and positive to at least one classmate’s posting using suggested format

Student post:

Student name is Irma

What are strategies to promote faculty presence, social presence, and caring in online classes?

To have an effective online learning experience as a student, I expect to have an instructor that is as devoted to the course as I am. Online courses are increasing in popularity as they are
available at any time making it very convenient for students who have a busy lifestyle with family and a full time job. There is a current faculty shortage in nursing schools, and this trend is
expected to worsen in the coming years with advancing faculty age and looming retirements. Distance education programs offer a means to reduce the faculty shortage and connect specific student
learning interests with faculty expertise, despite the distance between the two (Billings & Halstead, 2016). Faculty presence is just as important as student presence on line. Students are expected
to have their assignment turned in by the deadline set by faculty. Faculty should be expected to have these assignments graded by a deadline as well. Faculty should also have a deadline to answer
questions posted by the students.

Many online students are working adults, so making course content applicable to their real world experience is very important to keeping them engaged (Bigatel, 2016). It is difficult to relate the
course content to student’s real world experience as not all students work in the same field. Setting up online meetings using conferencing tools like Adobe connect is a good way to engage students
as well. Synchronizing these meetings or lectures will keep students and faculty engaged and will also allow for students to get to know each other a little better. Paula Bigatel (2016) states
using a variety of tools to present content is motivating- students learn in different ways- and if you provide variety and choice, the strategy should enhance interest and motivation.

There are a few ways faculty can promote caring in an online course. Faculty can promote a respectful teaching and learning environment, they can be flexible with deadlines realizing that online
students usually have full time jobs. Faculty can also provide academic support to meet their students’ needs as everyone has different styles of learning. Hong Wang (2010) made some good
suggestions on how faculty can increase social presence in online courses. He suggested sending a welcome letter at the beginning of the semester, posting a personalized introduction with a picture
or video clip, making good use of email, using course announcements frequently, using synchronous communication, getting involved in the discussions and engaging in the conversations students post
on the discussion board and posting a concluding remark and a best wishes statement at the end of the semester (Wang, 2010). Students are more receptive to their faculty and engaged in their course
if they are shown some empathy and caring from the beginning of their semester.


Bigatel, P. M. (2016, March 14). Student engagement strategies for the online learning environment. Faculty Focus. Retrieved from

Billings, D. M., & Halstead, J. A. (2016). Teaching in nursing: A guide for faculty (5th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

Wang, H. (2010, February 18). Eight ways to increase social presence in your online classes. Faculty Focus. Retrieved from

*****Graduate Level, at least two references*

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