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Boba Milk Tea

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E-2 visa immigration.
I would like to have a 5 years business plan,Financial forecast, human resource, structure and plaaning for this industry
My partner open her first milk tea shop at Pleasant,CA, and she is looking forward to expand her second store with me at 6030 Story Rd, San Jose,CA. (link for her store’s website, it also has the
menu including the price for each drink )
The total investement for this business is 200,000$
100,000 will be spent on construction from scratch.
45,000 will be spent on equipements for makes tea and cooking boba.
the rest of the money will be spent on inventory such as tea bag, raw sugar, creams. cups and straws
I will also include a sample of E-2 immigration business plan (its in a different industry,but similar concept)
do let me know if you need more information to complete the business plan.

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