Blog postings

Below are instructions for you to complete Part A of Assessment Task 3 which is based on Blog postings. The postings are on some of the topics that we are covering in this course. You are required to choose 2 out of the 7 available. You should only choose not more than one from each topic. This applies to topics where there is more than one link. Note that postings have been assigned to topics as per the Topic schedule.
The blog assessment is an opportunity to assess to what extent the abstract economic theories we cover in class are applicable to the real business and economic world. You are expected to analyse them according to instructions given below. You do not need to include referencing as the idea is to review these economic concepts on the basis of real business world issues.
1. Identify the relevant context of the posting and the assumptions used.
2. Determine the relevant economic theory and any diagrams needed to illustrate that theory.
3. Apply the relevant theory to explore the economic concepts in the article/blog post.
4. Indicate, where relevant, whether you feel you have gained any insights that may be relevant to your professional practice.
The above analysis must be done in a maximum of 400 words per each blog posting. You are recommended to begin to work on this as soon as possible.

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