Bipolar I disorder

Evidenced-Based Treatment Paper (100 points) Due: Week 7
Students will complete a paper that will review current evidenced-based or best practices interventions for ONE of the specific disorders (i.e. schizophrenia, not psychotic disorders) covered in the readings that is of interest to them. The paper is to be approximately 8-10 pages of content in length, APA format (i.e. cover page, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, references). Students should research the current best practices treatment for the disorder chosen. Research is to be based on current (within last 5 years whenever possible) scholarly research articles. It is not acceptable to rely solely on public domain internet resources such as Wikipedia or or the text.

Students should use no fewer than 4 scholarly articles or books beyond the text and DSM-5. The objective of the paper is to show that students used the assigned readings as a foundation, but were able to research current treatments on their own that they would likely use with a client who presented with the disorder chosen.

You should address the following concepts in your review (students would be well advised to use these as themes for section headings):

a) to the best of our knowledge what causes the disorder (biological, psychological, or other etiology). If we are not sure, list some popular theories based on research.
b) Associated clinical findings of the disorder such as common comorbid disorders, special diagnostic considerations such as tests used to confirm the diagnosis, and any special diversity/ multicultural considerations (i.e. is it more often seen in men than women or one group seems to be over represented, etc.). Do NOT simply list DSM criteria.
c) The vast majority of the paper should focus on the evidenced-based treatment(s) for the disorder that the student researched. The student should talk about the success of the treatment, its effectiveness, limitations, and any special ethical or diversity considerations. While the paper should focus on counseling interventions, be sure to include evidence based or commonly used biomedical/pharmacological interventions as well.
For example, you might discuss how Motivational Interviewing can be applied to someone with cocaine dependence. You might discuss the ethics of Motivational Interviewing in the outpatient setting vs. inpatient treatment for people with serious addictions and how it has been shown to be effective across ages and cultural groups.
You are encouraged to tailor the research and paper to your proposed area of practice. For example, you could research treatments used to address depression in children if you plan on working primarily with children. Students will be expected to present a brief summary of their findings during class on week 7.


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