Give an example of a commonly used
biomaterial that can be found in medicine or
everyday life.
• Describe
chemical structure
physical form
you must cover all the points very well and support your writing with new researches and pictures
you have to work in hip and knee
and i will provide you later some points you have to mention it in this essay

you must write about hip and knee
you must follow the instruction that
1- introduction include definition about hip and knee – the history about it – what is importance in bio material since in bio medical science about hip and knee.
2- chemical structures include 2D,3D Pictures with explain it
and explain what chemical structure must react with any tissue in the body, must be non toxic to the body and used longer term replacement with must not be biodegradable.
3- physical form include hard or flexible materials. you have to explain it
4- characterization
5- function include Host Reactions to Biomaterials that Thrombosis or Hemolysis or Inflammation or Infection and Sterilization or Carcinogenesis or Hypersensitivity or Systemic Effects.
6- biocompatibility include Absence of carcinogenicity (the ability or tendency to producecancer)• Absence of immunogenicity (absence of a recognition of anexternal factor which could create rejection)• Absence of teratogenicity (ability to cause birth defects)• Absence of toxicity …..etc.
7-challenges and future scope
8- references

Please write about “UHMW polyethylene, poly(methyl methacrylat”


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