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1. Research & bibliography (2 pts.):
– Choose one of the following issues to investigate further:

? Women issues and role in society

– After choosing an issue, visit the library or the digital library: Note
that if you access the digital library outside campus, it might give you an error message “Login Failed”. Disregard the message and click on “AZ List” on the top. That will take you to a page with a search field at the top. You can conduct your search on that page.
– Find 4-5 sources that discuss your topic. These should be books, scholarly articles, or a combination of both. These are called “secondary sources”.
– Remember that sometimes you will not find sources that directly talk about the literary work(s) that you want to research. For example, you want to investigate the use of “pathetic fallacy” in Tennyson’s poems. You might not find articles that talk specifically about the use of “pathetic fallacy” in Tennyson’s poems. Rather you might find articles that discuss nature in the works of Tennyson in general. Those can serve as your sources. Try different searches until you are able to find what you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for the dramatic monologue in Browning’s works, you can type the following searches: “dramatic monologue, Browning, dramatic monologue in (poem name) etc.” So you need to experiment with the search until you are able to find good sources. Make use of the filters.
– Download more than the sources you need. Download as many relevant articles, and then narrow them down as you go through them.
– Most articles are around 15-25 pages in length. You do not have to read every single word at this stage. Remember that the writer will express his/her thesis statement in the first three pages of the article. Be practical as you research. If there is an abstract, read it first. See if the article is useful by skimming and scanning through it.
– Although you are free to use other sources, website articles are will not count towards the minimum four sources you must use; four of your sources have to be journal articles/books.
– After you have narrowed down your sources, arrange them in a list using the MLA formatting style. MLA guidelines are listed in a different document on LMS. For citation guidelines Click here. There is also an MLA presentation on LMS. Make use of it.

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